Crowdfunding – Musts, Pitfalls, and Catastrophes

Kickstarter and Indiegogo – are these for you? Sounds like a no brainer – set up a campaign in 10 minutes for your product idea and watch the money start rolling in, right? Well, not so much. This panel will be a group of successful and not-so-successful crowd-funders with tips, tricks, lessons, and horror stories,
Questions this panel answers:
What are the ingredients of a successful crowd funding campaign?
Do those little crowd-funding agencies have any impact?
What advice for success would you offer?
What did you wish you knew before going in to a crowd funding campaign?
If you were to start a campaign tomorrow, what are the first three things you would do?

Jason McGowin @ jmcgowin
VP Sales and Marketing at FlameStower, Inc
Leigh Lepore @CrowdfundStrat
Founder, Crowdfunding Strategy & Information
Zofia Wosinska @ESTAINEfashion
CEO & Founder, ÉSTAINE

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