“Death, Divorce, and Disaster”

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“Death, Divorce, and Disaster”

The things no founder ever wants to talk about – What happens if one of your co-founders dies? What happens to your ownership if you are going through a divorce? In this panel, we talked to lawyers and founders that have seen disaster strike companies and have figured out the path through to survive and thrive.
Questions this panel strived to answer:
• Can you share a story where an outside, personal disaster has crippled a company you were involved in?
• What are the unforeseen impacts?
• Is there anything you can do to protect the business from being impacted from a personal disaster?
• Disaster strikes, what are the first things you should do from a business perspective?
Panelists included:
Marc Kaplan
Louisa Ritsick
Doug Parker
Moderated by:
Anthony Franco, CEO, mcSquares
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