Bootstrap, Debt, PE, Venture

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Bootstrap, Debt, PE, Venture

You’ve got a great business idea (or even a business that already has traction). It’s time to start thinking about adding capital in order to acerbate the business. But, how do you choose what type of capital to pursue. In this panel discussion we had a banker, a venture capitalist, a family fund, and an entrepreneur discuss the advantages and disadvantages of finning your business.
Questions this panel strived to answer:
• When should a company raise capital?
• When should a company not try to raise capital?
• Debt finance – when do you use that? Isn’t it personally risky?
• Angels, PE and Venture – when is the right time?
• How about friends and family – should you ask rich Aunt Jody help you start your business?
Panelists included:
Raymond Burrasca
Ian Kuliasha
Mike O’Donnell
Moderated by:
Anthony Franco, CEO, mcSquares
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