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Learning of the Future

Twenty years ago there were no iPhones, the internet was just catching on – CD ROMs were the primary content delivery platform, and there was no such thing as an LMS or an Interactive Display.

What does education look like 20 years from now?

Questions this panel endeavored to answer:
– Will students still ‘show up for class’?
– How has the philosophy of education changed?
– What do you imagine are the tools students and teachers will have available to them?
– What role will AI have in education?
– What role will VR have in education?
– Think big, what invention would totally revolutionize human learning?

Panelists include:
Tom Thorpe, Co-Director, REDI Lab at Colorado Academy
Paul Kim, Co-Founder, Fleissig Design
Graham Foreman, CEO, Edovate Capital
Kyle Coberly, Lead Instructor, Galvanize
Andrew Murphy, Educator, DPS

Moderated by:
Anthony Franco, CEO, mcSquares

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