The 21st Century & “The Age of Information Jobs”

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The 21st Century & “The Age of Information Jobs”

It has been said recently that every student should learn how to code – that we need to be doing a better job preparing our students for the next four decades of digitization and automation. But how do we go about preparing our children for the future without a crystal ball?

Questions this panel endeavored to answer:
– First things first, should we be teaching every student to code?
– How do we prepare students today for the jobs that will exist in 2020? 2030?
– How do we prepare students for technology jobs when technology is progressing at such a rapid pace?
– Is there core curriculum taught today that is obsolete?
– What core curriculum is taught today that will be obsolete in 5 years?

Panelists include:
Anastasia Miliano, Director of Operations, Bitsbox
Paul Kim, Co-Founder, Fleissig Design
Noah Giesel, Co-Founder, BadgeChat K12
Michael Cammilleri, First Grade Teacher, Ashley Elementary
Kyle Coberly, Lead Instructor, Galvanize

Moderated by:
Anthony Franco, CEO, mcSquares

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