Districts vs. Teachers: Who holds the power?

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Districts vs. Teachers: Who holds the power?

A very common topic for politicians and parents alike is that we need to improve our educational system. But are there ‘magic wand’ policies that government and district have created in order to improve our education system or is improvement done at the ground level; classroom by classroom?

Questions this panel endeavored to answer:
– As educators, how much autonomy do you have with how you teach?
– Is it enough? If not, what would you like to see change?
– Who holds the ultimate power for curriculum management?
– At what point does standardization get in the way of experimentation and innovation?
– Is the power structure right? What would you change?

Panelists include:
Judy Perez, CEO, eLearn Collaborative
Michael Cammilleri, First Grade Teacher, Ashley Elementary
Brian Costello, Educator, Southern New Jersey
Ryan Clark, Educator, DPS
Doug Robertson, Educator, Northern Oregon

Moderated by:
Anthony Franco, CEO, mcSquares

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