Is your Business Disruptive or Evil

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Is your Business Disruptive or Evil

One entrepreneur’s innovation may be another person’s unemployment – Are your company policies fundamentally “evil” or are they “disruptive” and how do we tell the difference?

Should a leader be concerned how his company’s innovations impact other competitive industries?

Why are some companies (like Uber) often described as ‘evil’, while others (like Apple) are considered disruptive?

Do some industries demand aggressive behavior in order to have innovation take place?

Draw a bright line for us – what behaviors would you consider being aggressive to the point of being called ‘evil’?

What moral standards should all companies follow?

Are there any current moral standards that need to be sun-setted?


Maryanne Rose @SpenDifference

CEO/President SpenDifference LLC

Andy Brandt @brandtroo

Co-founder at SQFT Mobile Application

Paul Farnsworth

Technology Executive (CIO,SVP,VP)

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